Blast from the Past - Ewa Marzec by Tomasz Nowicki

I remember like this was yesterday - Ewa came from Poland to visit me in the UK.  She asked me if I can take few photos of her for her Facebook profile.  I have set one light in my living room + dark background and we did a short photo shoot.  We had loads of fun - she is a great person to work with.

You can see more photos of Ewa - here

Gabbie by Tomasz Nowicki


Portrait of the beautiful Gabbie Bryan - Leicester based model.  I am a big fan of slightly desaturated colours on my portraits {as you can see in my portfolio}.  This time I was aiming to do something different - preserve the natural, warm tones of the skin tones.  After playing with Curves in Adobe Photoshop I was happy with the result.

If you like this portrait - you can buy it as a beautiful print - just click here.